High-end technology for optimum hearing support: contact forte

High-end technology for optimum hearing support:

contact forte

Enjoy outstanding hearing – provided with the latest technology on the market. For BHM, innovation and the satisfaction of customers are the most important things. BHM’s requirements remain forever the same: to restore significant quality of life to people with impaired hearing, using state-of-the-art hearing systems. Continuously developed and upgraded by BHM to be in line with the latest technology.

Optimum hearing is yours, thanks to contact forte‘s leading-edge technology, everyday practicality and highly comfortable fit for all ages. Live everyday life effortlessly with the world‘s most modern, robust and flexible digital hearing system and its numerous key functions.

Babies over eight months old and small children will benefit from contact forte just as much as adults. Hearing is indispensable for language acquisition and for communicating with other people – that‘s why babies and children with a hearing impairment need swift action in particular. This is where contact forte steps in: as an alternative to surgery or to bridge the time until an operation becomes necessary. contact forte‘s unique technology also provides adults with excellent hearing, especially when playing sports or pursuing outdoor activities.

contact forte is a digital, miniature bone conduction hearing system which compensates for mild to moderate hearing impairment, processing and amplifying sound and then transmitting it to the inner ear. There are a number of fashionable accessory options: headbands, hair bands and headwear such as caps and hoods are all fixtures in the BHM accessory range. contact forte can also be attached to your own pair of glasses by means of an adapter, or anchored onto a magnetic implant under the skin. Users can also consider attaching the innovative hearing system directly behind the ear using an adhesive tape, fixing this high-end system securely in place. It‘s an innovation that gives users full freedom of movement and unlimited hearing in any life situation.

The entire contact forte hearing system is housed in a single casing. This means no external cable connections, ensuring easy handling and a system that is particularly robust and compact. Thanks to its solid workmanship, it is resistant to sweat and dirt, and is waterproof up to one metre. So there‘s nothing standing in the way of any sporting or recreational activity, thanks to contact forte.

contact forte also proves its mettle as a high-end hearing system from a technical perspective. It can be linked to MP3 players, smartphones or other electronic devices via Bluetooth. Making or receiving phone calls is pleasantly straightforward; so too is adjusting the volume through the specially developed smartphone app.

In addition, BHM has optimised the bone conduction receiver components, now offering a wider frequency spectrum and extending the battery life. contact forte thus offers outstanding hearing with full freedom of movement – giving children the chance to broaden their impressions of the world with ease and allowing adults to go about their activities with no limitations whatsoever!

Quality made in Austria

BHM is a specialist in non-surgical solutions using bone conduction technology. The Austrian specialist manufacturer offers full range of hearing systems – from miniature bone conduction hearing aid up to a power pocket hearing device that can be adapted – due to being extremely flexible – to the individual needs of each wearer.

BHM develops sophisticated hearing systems that are manufactured exclusively in Austria and marketed worldwide. Its wealth of experience and commitment to perfection make BHM a globally respected specialist in bone and air conduction hearing devices. BHM thus offers its customers the best technology for an unrivaled listening experience – without the risk of surgery!



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