Reliable & fashionable hearing glasses “Made in Austria” by BHM

Reliable & fashionable hearing glasses

“Made in Austria” by BHM



The ideal solution for people who need a little extra support in their hearing and vision. Hearing glasses by Austrian hearing device manufacturer BHM stand out for their reliability, practicality and individual design. 

See better, understand better

Hearing is so much more than simply the perception of sounds, tones or words; hearing holds the key to the world. And there are as many different ways to perceive it – both with our eyes and with our ears – as there are people. This is precisely why it is so important to provide reliable hearing systems for those with a hearing impairment. Hearing glasses are a great solution for those who need a little help not only with their hearing but also with their vision. Such solutions include, for example, the innovative models by BHM, Austria’s only manufacturer of hearing devices.

Hearing glasses based on bone conduction systems

BHM specialises in hearing systems based on what is known as bone conduction technology. These are hearing aids that generate vibrations instead of sound, rendering it unnecessary to put an additional object in the ear canal. Hearing glasses are a hearing aid and a visual aid in one, with the frame temples transferring the vibrations to the inner ear.

BHM bone conduction glasses stand out not only for their high degree of comfort, but also for their reliability and precision. They ensure that each wearer is given the finest hearing experience, tailored exactly to their individual requirements. Bone conduction glasses are also an excellent alternative to costly middle ear implants involving risky surgical intervention. In addition to the two bone conduction models AN-Evo1 and contact star evo1, BHM also offers a wide range of fashionable frame fronts. Bespoke manufacture is available on request. BHM offers an outstanding hearing solution in combination with a pair of individually selected glasses.

The contact star evo1 displays a special level of sophistication when it comes to individuality. Indeed, this particular model can be individually fitted to each respective wearer by means of in-situ audiometry. The new automatic recognition of different sound environments, moreover, offers optimum listening comprehension even in challenging situations.

Optimum hearing experience due to individual fitting

Making full use of in-situ audiometry, BHM is a pioneer in the customised fitting of bone conduction hearing systems. So what exactly is this method and what advantages does it offer in the contact star evo1 model?

In-situ audiometry (“in situ” means “at the place”, in this case “at the ear”) does not make adjustments to a hearing aid based on statistical averages, as was the case with the customary audiograms. Instead, the actual requirements of each individual wearer are taken into account and measured. This means you get a hearing aid that is perfectly tailored to you, giving you precisely the right hearing sensation.

One particular problem often cited by hearing aid wearers is comprehension difficulty when in various sound situations. For example, the ambient noise in a lively restaurant is different to the rushing of the wind outside or loud background noise in a workshop. Consequently, it is often a challenge to follow a conversation in different situations. But BHM has found a solution for this too, used for the first time on the contact star evo1 model. And it’s called Sound Dynamix (BHM Automatic).

Automatic recognition of sound environments

BHM is the first provider of bone conduction hearing systems to offer an automatic recognition of different sound environments (BHM Automatic). By selecting the “Automatic” mode on the contact star evo1, the signal received via the microphone is analysed and categorised as belonging to one of several sound environments. These are:

  • Quiet surroundings.
  • Conversation in a quiet environment.
  • Conversation with background noise.
  • Music + film.
  • Background noise.
  • Wind noise.

Depending on this classification, the parameters of the hearing system are always configured in such a way as to achieve optimum hearing comfort and language intelligibility, fully equipping the wearer of the contact star evo1 for the challenges of everyday life. BHM develops and produces hearing glasses systems based not only on bone conduction technology, but also based on air conduction technology. In short, technology that is compatible with virtually any pair of glasses.


Sophisticated & appealing hearing glasses based on air conduction

The new comfort package for excellent hearing and vision goes by the name of pan. With pan, BHM combines all the advantages of a modern air conduction hearing system with the individual possibilities offered by a comfortable pair of specs.

Not only is pan a technically sophisticated hearing system, it is also a highly presentable one that can be attached to any ordinary pair of glasses regardless of fashion trend or material. And it is precisely for this reason that BHM is able to offer a unique and innovative pair of glasses that provides clear and interference-free hearing thanks to its directional sensitivity, thus setting new standards in relaxed and comprehensible hearing.

Quality made in Austria

Of course, BHM also takes into account people who don’t need glasses but don’t want to wear a conventional hearing aid either. Whether sports enthusiasts or children, BHM bone conduction technology can also be integrated into headbands, ski helmets and caps, thus offering plenty of freedom to suit any requirement.

The advanced device with improved technology, wireless connection function, the ability to connect to an implant, and many new features will be presented later that year.

Stay tuned! Quality manufactory BHM develops high-quality hearing systems based on bone and air conduction technology. Their products are manufactured exclusively in Austria and distributed around the world. BHM has set itself a challenging goal: to help those with a hearing impairment regain a significant quality of life by using innovative hearing systems that ensure outstanding performance in aesthetics, quality and reliability.


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