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Medical Informatics A story to be told 

Medical Informatics A story to be told  Professor Mukhtar Al-Hashimi Ahlia University – Bahrain Today, information and telecommunication technologies have tremendously impacted every discipline of our daily life. Reflecting on the state of healthcare over the last two decades, one can infer that the medical and healthcare sectors have been under pressure to meet their […]

Immunotherapy treatments

Immunotherapy treatments and how it is revolutionizing oncology By Dr. A. Eli Gabayan Chief of Medical Oncology at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center Immunotherapy, the process of stimulating or tweaking the body immunity to fight cancer is changing the clinical practices in treating a variety of cancers. The concept of harnessing one’s immune system has […]

Machine washable beds from Stiegelmeyer

Successful fight against hospital-acquired infections Machine washable beds from Stiegelmeyer Stiegelmeyer offers machine washable hospital beds such as Evario and Puro. Hospitals worldwide are fighting against drug-resistant pathogens. In many industrial countries, the probability for contracting a hospital-acquired infection during treatment is almost 10% or higher. The beds’ role in this is not unimportant as […]

Al-Ahli Hospital in partnership with the International Council of Ophthalmology

Al-Ahli Hospital in partnership with the International Council of Ophthalmology The International Council of Ophthalmology’s (ICO) mission is to have a major impact on education and access to eye care worldwide by collaborating with other ophthalmology societies, eye care organizations and teaching programs. Over the past six years, the Department of Ophthalmology at Al-Ahli Hospital […]

Blood and Blood Donation

Blood and Blood Donation What is a blood donation? A blood donation is the transfer of blood or blood products from one person (donor) into another person (recipient). This is usually done as a lifesaving maneuver to replace blood cells or blood products lost through severe bleeding (e.g. trauma), during surgery when blood loss occurs […]


Adrenaline Stress and Fear Hormone Adrenaline is a stress hormone produced within the adrenal gland that quickens the heartbeat, strengthens the force of the heart’s contraction, and opens up the bronchioles in the lungs, among other effects. The secretion of adrenaline is part of the human ‘fight or flight’ response to fear, panic, or perceived […]

Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral Artery Disease Advanced methods of treatment that prevent serious complications Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood rich in oxygen throughout your body. Healthy arteries have smooth inner walls and blood flows through them easily. Some people, however, develop clogged arteries, which result from a build-up of a substance called plaque on the inner […]

Safe Fasting with Diabetes

Safe Fasting with Diabetes Many patients with diabetes insist on fasting during Ramadan, despite the high temperature and long hours during the day, creating a challenge for themselves and their healthcare providers. Doctors believe that diabetic patients can fast provided that they comply with their instructions; however, there are some medical conditions that prevent a […]

الدم‭ ‬والتبرع‭ ‬بالدم التبرع بالدم هو نقل الدم أو مشتقات الدم من شخص (متبرع) إلى شخص آخر (متلقي). وعادة، ما يتم ذلك كمحاولة لإنقاذ الحياة بتعويض خلايا الدم أو مشتقات الدم المفقودة أثناء نزيف شديد (مثل النزيف بسبب حدوث إصابة) أو أثناء إجراء عملية جراحية يتم خلالها فقد الدم أو لزيادة عدد كريات الدم لدى […]