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انقطاع‭ ‬النفس‭ ‬أثناء‭ ‬النوم

انقطاع‭ ‬النفس‭ ‬أثناء‭ ‬النوم تقنيات‭ ‬تشخيصية‭ ‬وعلاجية‭ ‬متطورة‭ ‬لرعاية‭ ‬المرضى حالة‭ ‬مرضية‭ ‬تحدث‭ ‬بشكل‭ ‬مؤقت‭ ‬ولمدة‭ ‬ثوان‭ ‬قليلة‭ ‬تؤدي‭ ‬الى‭ ‬عدم‭ ‬أخذ‭ ‬الكمية‭ ‬الكافية‭ ‬من‭ ‬الأوكسجين‭ ‬اللازم؛‭ ‬ورغم‭ ‬أن‭ ‬المريض‭ ‬لا‭ ‬يشعر‭ ‬بها‭ ‬إلا‭ ‬أن‭ ‬عواقب‭ ‬انقطاع‭ ‬النفس‭ ‬أثناء‭ ‬النوم‭ ‬قد‭ ‬تكون‭ ‬وخيمة‭ ‬ما‭ ‬لم‭ ‬يتم‭ ‬تدارك‭ ‬الأمر‭ ‬لأن‭ ‬الجسم‭ ‬لا‭ ‬يحصل‭ ‬على‭ ‬القدر‭ ‬الكافي‭ […]

تكيّسات‭ ‬المبايض

تكيّسات‭ ‬المبايض دور‭ ‬الهرمونات‭ ‬ونتائج‭ ‬اختلالها حالة‭ ‬شائعة‭ ‬يعاني‭ ‬منها‭ ‬حوالى‭ ‬5‭ – ‬10‭% ‬من‭ ‬النساء،‭ ‬تؤدي‭ ‬إلى‭ ‬ارتفاع‭ ‬مستويات‭ ‬هرمون‭ ‬الذكورة؛‭ ‬انها‭ ‬متلازمة‭ ‬تكيس‭ ‬المبيض‭ ‬التي‭ ‬تحدث‭ ‬بسبب‭ ‬خلل‭ ‬في‭ ‬مستويات‭ ‬هرموني‭ ‬الإستروجين‭ ‬والبروجيسترون‭ ‬في‭ ‬جسم‭ ‬المرأة،‭ ‬ما‭ ‬يؤدي‭ ‬الى‭ ‬نمو‭ ‬تكيّسات‭ ‬حميدة‭ ‬في‭ ‬المبيضين؛‭ ‬تلك‭ ‬التكيّسات‭ ‬هي‭ ‬عبارة‭ ‬عن‭ ‬حويصلات‭ ‬صغيرة‭ ‬داخل‭ ‬المبيض‭ […]

Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease Tremor slowed movement and rigid muscles are the main symptoms About 10 million people around the world are estimated to be living with Parkinson’s disease. A person with Parkinson’s has abnormally low dopamine levels. Dopamine-generating cells, known as dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra part of the brain have died. Experts do not know […]


Gout Diet is the most important & effective way to manage the disease Gout is a kind of arthritis caused by a buildup of uric acid crystals in the joints. Uric acid is a breakdown product of purines that are part of many foods we eat. An abnormality in handling uric acid and crystallization of […]

Gallbladder Diseases

Gallbladder Diseases Gallstones and inflammation are the most common diseases The gallbladder, a pear-shaped organ, is located in the liver. Your gallbladder’s main function is to store the bile produced by your liver and pass it along through a duct that empties into the small intestine. Bile helps you digest fats in your small intestine. […]


Autism Verbal and non-verbal communication are central to autism Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, impaired verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior. Parents usually notice signs in the first two years of their child’s life. These signs often develop gradually, though some children with autism reach their developmental […]

Peter Makowski

Peter Makowski CEO at American Hospital Dubai “AHD has gained tremendous benefits after joining Mayo Clinic Care Network” Peter Makowski, CEO at American Hospital Dubai, is a highly experienced hospital leader having held a range of senior positions and led with distinction a number of healthcare institutions in the USA. “Hospitals” magazine met with Mr. […]

Vitamin C

Vitamin C Several benefits outweighing the protection from flu At this time of the year, many people reach for Vitamin C, whether in supplements, juices, cough drops, tea, or other forms to prevent colds and flu that often spread in the fall season. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is key to the production […]

Weight Management

Weight Management An integrated system to treat obesity and overweight Weight management and maintaining a healthy weight is the trend of modern medicine in order to preserve public health after knowing the negative effects of obesity on all body organs and their functions. Today, weight loss is not only an aesthetic issue, but is also […]