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Leukemia Uncontrolled growth of abnormal blood cells Scientists haven’t found out yet the direct cause of cancer including leukemia; however, this did not discourage scientists from reaching effective and targeted treatments that increased the cure rate of some types of leukemia and control some other conditions contributing to the prolongation of patients’ lives. The exact […]

Dr. Claudia Mika

Founder & CEO- Temos Dr. Claudia Mika “WE ARE PROUD OF OUR EIGHT ACCREDITED HOSPITALS AND CLINICS IN THE MENA” Temos is the first international healthcare accreditation organization to incorporate standards specifically designed for hospitals and clinics that serve international patients. “Hospitals” magazine had the privilege to meet with Dr. Claudia Mika, Founder & CEO […]

Pierre Appert

General Manager, Member of the Board GSD Healthcare, a part of Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato Pierre Appert “The digitization of the healthcare world will cut down healthcare spending and increase productivity and effectiveness” Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato (GSD), Italy’s leading private hospital group, is the premier provider of health services at all levels of care in […]

Dr. Sama Adnan Zibdeh

Sysmex Middle East is highlighting the breast cancer screening with Dr. Sama Adnan Zibdeh using Sentimag device SENTIMAG is a navigation system that uses magnetic particles to locate Sentinel lymph nodes. Application fields include Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Prostate and Gynecological Cancers. It is used with a magnetic tracer (MAGTRACE). It achieves the same results […]

Cook Children’s Health Care System

Cook Children’s Health Care System The renowned pediatric specialty hospital in Fort Worth, Texas extends its services to patients in the middle east Cook Children’s Health Care System is a non-profit organization working towards improving the health of every child. They are based in Fort Worth, Texas and they offer international programs for patients all […]

Dr. Colin Fincham

Senior Director & Chief Medical Officer, Cerner EMEA, LATAM and Canada Dr. Colin Fincham “CERNER BELIEVES THAT ONE OF THE PILLARS FOR BUILDING A HEALTHIER POPULATION IS THROUGH TECHNOLOGY” Cerner, one of the leading companies in healthcare information technology, has been working for 40 years to make healthcare safer and more efficient. It uses the […]

Why BREAST CT instead of Mammography?

Why BREAST CT instead of Mammography?  In general, women have been seeking change for decades and rightfully so! Dedicated cone beam breast computed tomography (CBBCT)is the latest in a long history of breast imaging techniques dating back to the 1960s. Breast imaging is performed both for cancer screening as well as for diagnostic evaluation of […]

د. طارق الصنّاع

المتخصص في جراحة الدماغ والاعصاب والعمود الفقري د. طارق الصنّاع “التدخل الجراحي المحدود غيّر مفهوم جراحات العمود الفقري” تغيّر مفهوم جراحات العمود الفقري فتحولت من جراحات ضخمة وتقليدية الى جراحات تتم تحت تأثير التخدير الموضعي وبشقوق صغيرة جدا؛ فقد تلاشت مخاوف المرضى من جراحات الديسك وغيرها من مشاكل العمود الفقري من خلال عمليات تتم بالحد […]

مريضات السكري والحمل

مريضات السكري والحمل نصائح وإرشادات لحمل آمن بإمكان مريضة السكري الحمل وإنجاب أطفال أصحاء بشرط ضبط معدل السكر ومراقبته قبل التخطيط للحمل بنحو ثلاثة أشهر وخلال فترة الحمل أيضا إذ إن فرص انتقال السكري من الأم على أولادها ضئيلة. وسواء أكانت المرأة مصابة بالسكري من النوع الأول أو الثاني، بإمكانها الحمل مع المتابعة الطبية الحثيثة […]

التهاب المفاصل الروماتويدي

التهاب المفاصل الروماتويدي علاجات متطورة تبطئ تطور المرض وتحد من الألم لسبب مجهول، يهاجم الجهاز المناعي بطانة الأغشية المحيطة بالمفصل فيؤدي الى التهابها ويزداد سمكها؛ مع مرور الوقت تضعف الأوتار والأربطة التي تربط المفاصل مع بعضها البعض وتتمدد، ما يؤدي تدريجياً إلى فقدان المفصل لشكله ويصاب المريض عندها بـ”التهاب المفاصل الروماتويدي” الذي يندرج ضمن أمراض […]