The magazine is available monthly throughout the Gulf area, the Levant and North Africa with a total circulation of 65,000 copies. Our subscribers are mostly ministries of health, hospitals, private clinics, universities, health care related industries (pharmaceutical, equipment suppliers, IT, insurance), doctors, and health conscious readers.

The Arab Hospital is available in all relevant bookshops in the Arab world, in the hospitals and clinics of the region, doctors’ waiting rooms, relevant university departments and libraries, and distributed by mail to all key Health Care professionals.
Our readers are:

Healthcare Management: CEOs, Finance Director, Department Heads, Administrators, Facility Owners, Supply Managers, Laboratory Director

Healthcare Practitioners: Hospital Doctors, Pharmacists, Technicians, Surgeons, GPs, Dentists, Radiologists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Ophthalmologists, Opticians, Laboratory Technicians, Medical Students and Professors, Researchers

Healthcare Suppliers: Agents, Distributors, Pharmaceutical Executives, Recruitment Services, IT Suppliers, Architects, Caterers

The General Public: University Graduates, ABC+