Patient Experience Excellence Congress

Patient Experience Excellence Congress

Event Dates: 17-19 March 2019

Digital transformation and the transition to value-based care are pushing care providers to change their patient experience approach. As patient experience moves center stage at many of the nation’s health systems, leaders responsible for this function are challenged with issues related to advancing the discipline with excellence.

Pressing ahead with the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 & NTP 2020 &, one of the most strategic objectives is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare care sector. The state envisions to enhance the health of individuals and societies in the region through the provision of comprehensive and excellent health services, in a healthy and sustainable environment; through implementing policies, legislations, programs and effective partnerships locally and internationally.

Driven with the goal of transforming person-centric care with smart practises that complement world-class hospitality; the congress aims in gathering the leading innovators from across all sectors—health systems, insurers, investors, tech startups, patients and government officials—to find better ways to address patients’ needs through new technologies and unprecedented collaboration that push the limits of traditional care delivery models.

Official Support Partner: Ministry of Health- Saudi Arabia.

The congress will tackle the greatest challenges by providing actionable insights on:

  • Strategies to Re-Define Healthcare Experience in the Kingdom: Towards VISION 2030 & NTP 2020
  • Nursing Leadership & Innovation to Deliver Compassionate & Empathetic Care
  • Accreditation & Patient Experience Outcome: Excellence Beyond Survey
  • Demystify the Minefield of Patient Experience Data
  • Engaging Individual & Collective Focus to Improve Care Experiences
  • Winning Patient Experience: Trials, Tribulations & Successes
  • High-Tech vs. High-Touch:  Balancing Act Dilemma
  • Blockchain & Patient Experience Revolution: Hope, Hype & Harm

For more information about the event, please visit or call 971 4 229 7955

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