PrecisionMed Expo & Summit

PrecisionMed Expo & Summit

Redefining Healthcare in the Gulf Region

The 21st century is heralding a new era of precision medicine, a fast-growing method of disease treatment and prevention that takes into account data surrounding the genetics, lifestyle and environment of individuals, to more accurately predict which treatment and prevention strategies for a particular disease will work.

Treatments are more effective and the cost of treatment is often lower.

Governments in the Gulf have an urgent need to implement new approaches in tackling emerging healthcare challenges.

PrecisionMed Expo & Summit (PMES 2021) plays a vital role in driving the growth of precision medicine by providing a place for debate, an environment for collaboration, and a platform to showcase the very best technological innovations to healthcare providers, the research community, industry and government.

The expo will run in colocation with Precision Medicine Leader’s Summit – the world’s most thought-provoking & informative conference for leaders in precision medicine & personalized healthcare.

PMES 2022 will provide insights on:

  • Ensuring access to personalized medicine: coverage, reimbursement and clinical implementation
  • Moving clinical genomics to general practice: Genome sequencing to predict and treat more accurately specific diseases in individuals.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML): The role of AI inpatient diagnostics and treatment
  • Predictive health – big data and analytics
  • Managing Prevention and Recovery: new focus areas distinct from diagnosis and treatment in chronic disease management
  • Latest steps forward by pharmaceutical industry in delivering new agents designed to target specific molecular subtypes of disease
  • Precision Medicine and antimicrobial resistance (AMR): How precision medicine can help solve the problem by changing the way antibacterial agents are developed and prescribed.

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