The 2nd Saudi International Medlab Expo

The 2nd Saudi International Pharma and Medlab Expo 2021 is a unique platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Expo showcases the latest invention & development in Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Technologies and brings together the leaders in both sectors, aiming to create maximum interaction and meeting opportunities where manufacturers, dealers and distributors can promote their brands, meet potential customers and entertain existing clients.

If you’re looking to find products, make new investments, gain new knowledge or strengthen business ties with the global clinical laboratory market, we are definitely your right destination

Health sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Health services in Saudi Arabia have developed significantly in recent years, especially under the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. Through tremendous financial allocations; The Kingdom has been able to raise the level of health services by developing infrastructure, using modern technology, improving the efficiency of health practitioners and increasing the number of hospitals, health centres and pharmacies all over the Kingdom, total annual spends on healthcare sector 158 Billion for 2019 and 178 Billion dollars expected for 2020.

The provision of health care services in the Kingdom is mainly done through the Ministry of Health with the help of some other governmental agencies and the private sector.

Targeted Sectors to participate in the exhibition

1. Health Care services companies
2. Hospitals and health care centers.
3. Laboratory devices
4. Laboratory education services.
5. Laboratory Technology
6. Marketing companies.
7. Medical equipment and tools.
8. Medical Laboratories.
9. Universities and medical colleges.

1. Pharmacies
2. Pharmaceutical microbiology
3. Pharmaceutical quality assurance
4. Pharmaceutical Sciences
5. Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Wholesalers
6. Sub- Agents & Distributors of both Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Goods
7.Technology and telecommunications companies

Previous Edition:

The three – day international exhibition and conference on pharmaceutical and medical laboratories sectors organized by 1st Arabia exhibition and conferences organizers, with an academic cooperation with the two Saudi pharmaceutical Society and the Saudi Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences association, proved to be one of the most successful Exhibition combined with two Conferences in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is related to pharmaceutical and Medical laboratories fields.

Expo stats :

  • 13,000 VISITORS
  • 30 MEDIA
  • 20 SECTORS

Why participate?

Special Features and benefits of Participating in the Exhibition

1. Explore new business and investment opportunities.

2. Direct communication with suppliers.

3. Communicate with local and international companies.

4. Learn about the latest and advanced technology.

5. Present your company products and services on an international platform

6. Highlighting your brand.

7. Marketing and offering products and services to target customers.

8. Promotion through the media and social media platforms.

9. Meeting businessmen and investors in the health sector

10. Communicate with government agencies and health authorities.

11. Identify the local and global market needs

12. Holding agreements with the participating parties

13. Exchange experiences and expertise with the participating parties.

Contact Information:

Event Coordinator: Ms. Amal Sbehat

Phone number: 00966 – 920020025 Ext. 304

Direct Email Address: [email protected] , [email protected]

For more details: ,

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