Dr. Alexander Varghese

Hospital Director – New Mowasat Hospital, Kuwait

Dr. Alexander Varghese

“Fostering the country’s medical tourism potential will positively impact the private healthcare sector”


New Mowasat Hospital (NMH), Kuwait, a luxurious healthcare facility with both the American (JCI) and Canadian (ACI Diamond) accreditations & standards, good clinical outcomes, world-class professional doctors, nurses & administrators, top-of-the-range equipment, has grown to become a leading provider of premium healthcare in Kuwait.  Committing itself to providing high-quality care, the highest possible level of comfort for patients, and maintaining the incredibly high standards is what the hospital stands for. “Hospitals” Magazine met with Dr. Alexander Varghese, Hospital Director of New Mowasat Hospital in Kuwait to talk about the hospital’s expansion and accreditation, in addition to the challenges they are facing on a daily basis and the hospital’s ultimate goal.  Below is the full interview:

What are the latest updates in terms of expansion, manpower, new technologies, accreditation, exposure, etc.?

New Mowasat Hospital has been offering premium medical services to the people of Kuwait for over half a century. We were the first private hospital to achieve both the American & Canadian accreditations in Kuwait. We have many Centers of Excellence, wherein the clinical results can be compared with global standards in Orthopedics & Spine surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics & Neonatology, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), General & Laparoscopic Surgery, Ophthalmology and many others. We are able to treat all complexities and cases related to these specialties and provide world-class outcomes.  We stand as a high-end secondary  & tertiary care hospital. We plan to strengthen our critical care services and ICU services and have started Nephrology & Dialysis Services recently. Our plan this year is to get into more complex specialties including Neurology, Interventional Neurology, Interventional Radiology, Pediatric Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology among others.

One of the Centres of Excellence at New Mowasat Hospital is IVF and Reproductive Medicine for which it hires some of the best professionals in the world.

We are considered to be the best hospital for IVF treatment in the region and we have very high success rates. We always publish results in this field on our website, so for all those needing information regarding that, they can visit our website. We have implemented many new medical technologies throughout the past years. We are renowned in Kuwait and a good number of the Kuwaiti citizens were born here as we have always had a very strong Obstetrics & Gynecology Department.

Can we conclude that your hospital is ranked number 1 in Kuwait?

Ranking is based on criteria and if the criteria include patient safety, outcomes, clinical excellence etc, then we are definitely among the top. However, it will be good to know that there are many good hospitals and healthcare professionals of world-class repute living and working in Kuwait, who may not be working with New Mowasat Hospital.

As a Hospital Director, what are the main challenges that you are facing on a daily basis?

Finding good quality, professionally qualified and competent manpower is our biggest challenge, as is the case for all hospitals in the region. We have many doctors and nurses coming from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities and it’s always a challenge to get the best. The other challenge that we are facing is that Kuwait does not promote medical tourism as much as possible in order to become a global destination for medical tourism.

Therefore, the private hospitals work hard on promoting the high-quality medical services that we are providing to our patients. We strongly believe that we are doing very well in this regard and our outcomes in Kuwait can be compared with other organizations globally.

Do you think that the Kuwait healthcare sector drives in trust for patients and the community?

I have been here for only two years and I have noticed that the healthcare sector is on the right track and is heading in the right direction. Undoubtedly, the sector’s performance is continuously improving due to the government’s strenuous efforts in this regard. Thus, we are reaping constant growth and development in the healthcare sector which enables the community and patients at large to trust us for good quality, safe and equitable healthcare.

What are the adjustments needed in order to help improve the sector’s performance?

We need to promote tourism in Kuwait in order to help all business sectors including the healthcare sector. Fostering the country’s medical tourism will positively impact the private healthcare sector here as it has been successfully done in other parts of the world.

Have you always been able to meet the patients’ needs?

We always aim to meet our patients’ needs and move beyond that to delight them, which is one of our main objectives.

We have succeeded in doing so most of the time as it is highly important for us and has helped us maintain a good position & positive community feeling for a very long time.

Like other institutions, we have resources to implement cutting-edge technologies and to bring in world-class treatments and professionals,  but everything needs time. Sometimes adding state-of-the-art technologies will in return lead to increased medical costs.

Nevertheless, we are always trying to adopt the latest innovations in the medical field in order to provide our patients with the best medical services especially that patients now have an advanced level of medical knowledge.

What is your ultimate goal?

Our ultimate goal is not a destination, but is a journey and that is “CARING FOR GENERATIONS”  as envisioned by the founders of the organization.

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Oh, very inteligent guy. Good healthcare, even for handicap as we;ll as disable people is very important, not like in Poland

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Well presented scene for the current situation in Kuwait’s private medical sector.

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