Jamal Saleh Hammad

Deputy Chief Executive officer (CEO) of Al-Ahli Hospital Doha-Qatar

Jamal Saleh Hammad

“Al-Ahli hospital proved its developmental capabilities by obtaining an accreditation  certificate as a provider of medical education and continuous occupational development activities”

HOSPITALS Magazine met with Mr. Jamal Saleh Hamad, Deputy CEO of Al-Ahli Hospital to talk about the hospital’s strategic goals and accreditation, in addition to its commitment to providing the highest levels of quality.  Below is the full interview:

Al-Ahli Hospital obtained an accreditation certificate from the Qatari Council for Healthcare Practitioners as a provider of medical education and continuous occupational development activities for different healthcare practitioners… what are the efforts made to achieve that?

Al-Ahli Hospital proved that it has developmental capabilities by obtaining an accreditation certificate from the Ministry of Health after fulfilling the related requirements in order to start the occupational development of its employees by developing the required knowledge and skills to enable them to successfully hold their occupational and administrative responsibilities in their professional lives. The development program includes delivering developmental lectures and holding educational workshops for the medical and nursing staff.

“We have worked to establish the continuous occupational development section in Al-Ahli Hospital, which is accredited by the Qatari Council for Healthcare Practitioners, for three years, since June 9, 2016. The management of Al-Ahli Hospital exerts every effort to renew and maintain this accreditation to be able to achieve its developmental and educational goals as well as to improve the occupational performance”, he added.

What is your goal behind establishing the occupational development section?

The continuous occupational development program has various benefits for the employees. This will be reflected on the hospital. These benefits include saving money, time and efforts of the healthcare practitioners who always aspire to maintain high level of efficiency and professional performance in their work. This program helps them to complete the required points to renew their medical license.

Does the occupational development section include administrative employees training?

All the employees are evaluated by the sections’ heads. Based on this evaluation, the courses and workshops needed to help them improve their occupational performance are determined and scheduled in the year schedule of educational and training lectures and workshops. The dates and times of these lectures and workshops are set.


Your accreditation certificate coincided with signing a memorandum of understanding between Al-Ahli Hospital and University of Qatar. What is the role that will be played by the two institutions through this MOU?

The articles of the Memorandum of Understanding include cooperation between the two institutions to have mutual contributions in the field of continuous medical education and continuous occupational development activities as well as to make joint research projects in the fields of common interest in order to provide new scientific and practical results that can be applied in the State of Qatar.

What is the nature of cooperation between Al-Ahli Hospital and Qatar University?

The Memorandum of Understanding reflects the role of this partnership in achieving health-related national strategic goals.

The two institutions will cooperate to provide clinical training for students through the range of services provided by Al-Ahli Hospital and its branches, to exchange information on activities of all healthcare specialties in Qatar University and Al-Ahli Hospital and on the common fields of education and research, and to exchange publications, reports, academic materials and any information, in addition to providing mutual opportunities of employment for Qatar University’s teaching staff in different medical fields, including provision of healthcare.

“Diversification of education and training methods plays a great role in occupational development by virtue of delivering lectures, presenting educational photos and videos about the latest medical updates and exchanging experiences among doctors by presenting videos of surgeries made by them in Al-Ahli Hospital, whether these surgeries are distinct and successful ones, rare ones or surgeries having complications in order to avoid these complications in the future”, he added.


What are the hospital’s strategies to achieve the highest standards of health and safety?

Safety of guests and quality of the healthcare are among the priorities of Al-Ahli Hospital. The guest is our main concern in everything we made and our basic commitment is to provide the highest levels of quality. So, we encouraged all our guests, their families and our healthcare providers to be a part of the healthcare that we provide. We applied the best practices to ensure the highest level of clinical care and treatment quality. In addition, we reduced risks of the guests of Al-Ahli Hospital to ensure safe visits for all guests.

We set a mechanism to control infection transmission. This mechanism is led by specialists experienced in infection control. We have dedicated a section for infection control. This section comprises doctors, nurses and all the healthcare staff.   To ensure safety of surgeries in Al-Ahli Hospital, a number of strategies were set, including initiatives supported by the World Health Organization to ensure safety of all surgical procedures.

Regarding the agreement signed with the Turkish Nightingale Hospitals, what are the most important articles of the agreement? Why did you choose Turkish hospitals?

The articles of this agreement aim at enhancing cooperation between the two parties to be able to cope with the current and future requirements in the field of medical education, benefitting from professional and experienced doctors working in the Turkish Nightingale Hospitals, employing qualified doctors and nurses (from both genders), benefitting from laboratory tests by sending some samples for laboratory tests in the Turkish Nightingale Hospitals and benefitting from the advanced technological techniques.

For the reason behind choosing hospitals in Turkey, we are following in the Emir’s footsteps, enhancing the relations with Turkey. The Turkish Nightingale Hospitals is distinguished from other hospitals because Nightingale Hospitals complement other specialties of Al-Ahli Hospital and is equipped with world-class medical equipment.

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