Mads Bo Larsen

Mads Bo Larsen

Corporate Vice President at Novo Nordisk


Moving to business area Africa and Gulf, “Hospitals” magazine was privileged to get a special interview with Mr. Mads Bo Larsen, the Corporate Vice President.


Can we have a resume profile about yourself? When and why did you join Novo Nordisk?

I joined Novo Nordisk in 1995 as a pharmaco-economist and over the past 23 years I managed several functions including strategic operations, sales & marketing effectiveness, finance and IT in different roles across countries. Regarding this region, I have worked here for more than 15 years where I led business areas covering the Middle East, India, Africa and the Gulf. I am currently heading the Africa and Gulf Business area with 700 employees, 58 countries and 1.4 Billion inhabitants as Corporate Vice President. 


Can you share some of the main challenges that you face in developing markets especially in the GCC?

We cater to a large number of countries with different needs and we strive to make the best medicines available for patients living in these countries. Challenges in Africa are very different from the Gulf as you could imagine but we make sure that we have the right people that drive the right actions to best support the community. We also run several access initiatives in Africa to ensure that proper education and treatment are in place.

For example the Changing Diabetes® in Children (CDiC) is a programme for children with Type1 diabetes which aims to bring all elements of necessary diabetes care closer to children who need it and at the same time, build capacity for the diagnosis and treatment for these children living in resource-poor settings.


What are Novo Nordisk ’s plans for the vast area you are responsible for?

Novo Nordisk will continue to work with different stakeholders in the region to increase awareness towards diabetes, obesity, haemophilia &  growth hormone deficiency to enable early diagnosis and avoid or reduce complications. 

We will continue to provide and develop the best products to combat our focus disease areas to help improve the quality of life of patients.


Frederik Kier, Senior Vice President for region AAMEO

Ayman Hassan, Vice President and UAE General Manager at Novo Nordisk


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