Sa’ad Kayali

The Managing Director of Sysmex Middle East FZ-LLC

Sa’ad Kayali

“Lighting the way with diagnostics”

Sysmex stands by innovation and technological edge life science solutions and In vitro diagnostics. Sa’ad Kayali is an enterprising person. Talking to him is not only a pleasant experience but also informative to the core. The Managing Director of Sysmex Middle East FZ-LLC is articulate enough to win the argument, but the surprising point is that he doesn’t believe in a diatribe nor does he enter a tête-à-tête. He is convincing and his fineness is in his approach to the issues at hand. He is the best when it comes to human resource management and an icon when it is technical-cum-professional.

“Lighting the way with diagnostics” is his motto, and Mr Kayali visualizes new heights in it.

While Sysmex is a brand name for designing and producing diagnostic solutions for medical laboratories, including automation, Mr Kayali foresees exceptional growth potential in the years to come, especially in the 17 countries that he deals with directly in the region and beyond.

Sysmex Middle East FZ LLC is a subsidiary of Sysmex Europe GmbH, and was established in April 2008, as a regional hub for Sysmex activities throughout the Middle East with a head office in Dubai.

Mr Kayali not only echoes pride in every word he spoke about Sysmex — being one of the world’s leading healthcare providers and a global leader in in-vitro diagnostics with a niche core in haematology, urinalysis and hemostasis — but also in its devotion and determination to help shaping the healthcare industry in its fight against cancer.

With its recently acquired technologies like Companion Diagnostics of “Inostics”, Advanced flow cytometry of “Partec” and the ongoing R&D investments, Sysmex is gradually stepping into a complete wholestic approach for all cancer diseases pathways: screening, treatment and management.

“This is not the whole story”, Mr Kayali added: “You will be amazed If you see what Sysmex has achieved in the recent years at a regional level, just to mention a few: 

  • Since the nineties, Sysmex was known globally for its pioneering solutions in Hematology automation, what has been unique for us in the Middle East region, is that, we have proudly managed to translate this global presence into a real tangible benefits for our patients, our doctors and the whole healthcare industry and stakeholders alike, via the overwhelming success in automation setups that are populating most of the regional high-end hospitals with solution that are modular in design to accommodate the various need and clinical workflow demands of our market!
  • By introducing the “Power of Blue” technologies recently, Sysmex has stepped up “urinalysis”, as we know it, into a completely new quality era, a real paradigm shift in detection, identification and diagnostics of urinalysis testing with the launch of UN-Series. A true and complete modular, scalable solution based on latest innovations in laser technologies, image processing and chemistry analysis
  • Sysmex various contributions to the region were not less than the previous milestones. On the scientific side, we have managed to conduct regional scientific seminars to disseminate and share latest scientific studies and clinical applications to our valued clients. Let alone the enormous number of localised seminars and workshops to facilitate knowledge and know-how transfer to the region
  • We believe this is the least we could do towards our region, healthcare society, driven by our lovely “Sysmex Way” in doing things.

With a twinkle in his eye, the Managing Director says, “We want to take diagnostic solutions to the next level and are pro-active to the needs of the market.” 

The Sysmex chief says that diagnostics and supplies for the treatment of cancer, and the like, will become easier and more affordable as competition in the industry and development in technology grows.

Mr Kayali further adds that like Dubai, and the UAE, Sysmex’s future is bright. “All we need to do is to keep the focus on innovation and keep a tab on creativity and customer satisfaction. It is the people who matter at the end of the day, and Sysmex believes in creating a better tomorrow for them.”

 Excerpts from an interview with Saad Kayali:

Sysmex is recognised as a “region’s leading diagnostic supplier”. Please elaborate.

Customer satisfaction is our goal. We endeavour to reach out to our valued clients by keeping ourselves abreast of the latest developments, and converting them into appropriate applications. Technical training and harnessing relevant skills remain our prime concern and area of attention. We invest a lot in terms of time, money and energy in beefing up the enterprising and professional skills of our employees. We work in tandem with our distributors, to ensure that Sysmex comes with the best solution to the necessities of the industry and our end-users.

 What are your core areas of expertise and main offerings?

We are growing and looking at diversification in our products to fit the needs of the market. As of now, we are trendsetters in the realms of haematology, urinalysis, hemostasis, total laboratory solutions, cytometry, and oncology. I believe in living by example, and empowering people in the choices they make.

 What gives Sysmex a competitive edge in this region?

This can be simplified by saying that quality and superiority of our products is what makes us unique. Our networks and our people are our strengths. We do not provide only analysers, but also complete solutions to our customers we work with closely on clinical values, productivity and professional services offered to them.  With a smile, Mr Kayali says, “Innovation is our daily cup of coffee, which I cannot drink without seeing that sparkle in the eyes of each and every Sysmex employee each day in the morning.”


Sysmex Middle East FZ-LLC
Dubai Healthcare City
City Pharmacy Building C/P 72, Office 304
P.O. Box 505119 Dubai, U.A.E.
Phone +971 4 4370515, Fax +971 4 4370516

E-mail: [email protected]


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