Medrar Medical Center announced the appointment of Dr. Ali Elhaj as its first Chief Executive Officer & General Director effective July 1st. 2020.

Medrar Medical Center announced the appointment of Dr. Ali Elhaj as its first Chief Executive Officer & General Director effective July 1st. 2020.

Dr. Dunia Harajli, Chair of the Medrar Medical Center Governing Board, announced: “The MMC Founding Governing Board concluded that Dr, Ali Elhaj leadership and experience in healthcare governance, policy and management; along with his track record of success as a president and Chief Executive made him the appropriate candidate to usher MMC into its future success in serving patients and their families”.

Dr. Ali Elhaj, stated: “Medrar Medical Center mission sets it to be an anchor healthcare institution that will contribute to the health and wellbeing, social, and economic vitality of our communities. I am very proud to invest my expertise and dedication working with all stakeholders, partners, and community to set the platform and build the cornerstones for a Medical Center that will be recognized years to come as a legacy to our community and an essential part of the Lebanese and Arab healthcare system”.

Dr. Ali Elhaj Biography: “Over the past 30 years, Dr. Elhaj worked as a President and Chief Executive in several healthcare systems throughout the United States and the Middle East. Currently, Dr. Elhaj is the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Board at Taiba Hospital in Kuwait, Founding member of the Governing Board at Medrar Medical Center, Executive Board Member of the Arab Hospital Federation. Previously, the President and CEO of “Bellevue Medical Center, and HCM in Lebanon”; “West Hills Hospital, Willow Spring Center, Acadia Hospital at Eastern Main Healthcare System, Ridge Hospital, and Fort Lauderdale Hospital in the USA”. Dr. Elhaj served as an Advisor to the MoPH. and Co-Author of the Newley developed hospital accreditation system. Dr. Elhaj, completed his studies in Educational Psychology, Healthcare Management, and Health and Human Right Law at Wayne State University, the University of Michigan, and St. Thomas University. Dr. Elhaj is the recipient of several awards in the field of Governance, Management and Leadership”

Medrar Medical Center:

The Medrar Medical Center – MMC – is a 250 bed Private not for profit project grouping together different medical, social, and educational facilities in a serene, green, sustainable and environmentally friendly development.
With a builtup area of approximately 56,000 m2, spanning over a 41,000 m2 plot, within a 230,000 m2 community and serving the whole of South Lebanon and Lebanon at large, this project aims to set higher standards for future specialized civic, medical, educational and social centers.


  • To provide excellent medical facilities, all grouped in a highly modern medical center comprising Centers of Excellence (Cardiology, Orthopedic, Ophthalmology & ENT, Oncology, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Geriatrics.
  • To establish and strengthen its affiliation with academic institutions and synergize its partnership with the American University of Beirut Medical Center.
  • To take the treatment of substance abuse and rehabilitation beyond medical treatment and allow re-integration into the society in a Rehabilitation Center.
  • To integrate the Centre in a larger community, providing a Community, Cultural and Social Center and creating an economic motor that will drive the whole area towards sustainable economic development by the generation of a variety of jobs.
  • To provide Higher Educational levels in various medical fields, by establishing the Medrar Medical University.
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hyam sawli
hyam sawli
8 months ago

Congratulations Dr. A. Al-Hajj and wishing to you all the success in your mission.