The COVID-19 Fight with LINET

The COVID-19 Fight with LINET

The fight against the pandemic is not over and the need for medical equipment and supplies has been extreme for several months. In these difficult conditions, which include restrictions, quarantines, and supply chain outages, LINET has managed to maintain production and even increase its capacity. This allows LINET to continue to support healthcare professionals with their daily responsibilities.

The first quarter of 2020 marked one of the strongest periods in the history of LINET, for example, LINET practically doubled its performance compared to last year. Even during the extreme conditions of a world pandemic, the expected revenue will be around €90 million.

“LINET is currently a trusted supplier. We are one of the few companies that succeeded in maintaining production and sales without any downtime,” said David Soukup, Global Sales Director LINET Group. “Accelerating and increasing production capacity has become an important factor for the strengthening of our position,” he added. Since the beginning of June, the production line has been producing Multicare beds and beds with integrated scales in three-shift operation 24 hours a day. This is the first time in LINET’s history that production has been “running” non-stop due to customer needs and the enormously increased demand in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in a record number of beds being manufactured, including the 7,545 beds that left the lines in June alone. 

The enormous increase in production and sales is mainly due to the needs of the most affected parts of the world as well as continuing to meet the needs of customers from the Middle East and Africa.  We are proud to have been able to contribute to increasing the medical capacity of the MEA region.

ACWA Power, Field hospital /MOH, Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Sentida beds were delivered to Saudi Arabia for the first time and 80 were installed. 

Al Eman General Hospital MOH, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A total of 190 beds which included 138 Eleganza 2 beds and 52 Multicare beds together with other equipment such as servers, tables, and armchairs.

New MICU at Madinat Zayed Hospital, Al Dhafra Hospitals – SEHA

LINET assisted with the new ICU  expansion by delivering 24 Multicare beds. 

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